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I started leather work back in High School in 1965 in shop class. I attended Watervliet High School in Watervliet, Michigan. I think everyone back in school did some sort of leather project in one of their classes. My Dad was very interested in what I was making, so he got into leather work and made many different products. My love at that time was in electronics, so I played with tubes and transistors and my Dad continued with leather work making many different items that he would sell to the local businesses or people in the area. I helped my Dad with carving and lacing when he was really busy with all the orders that would come in especially around the holidays.

Later in life electronics became my way of making a living and leather work became my passion, hobby and something I have always enjoyed doing. I love the fact that there is an artistic part in everyone and I can show my artistic touch in my leather work. My work will not be the same as other leather crafter's because I like to work outside the box. I like to put my touch on most of the items I make. Other leather crafter's follow all the design rules so you end up with the same looking product no matter where or who you order it from. I like that I always put in something special. My items can not be duplicated mainly because of the artistic touch I add. So if I make two wallets or any items, both of them will be a little different.

Today electronics is still my way of making a living. I travel around the country always with some leather products on me. Like my belt, wallet, note book and recently my passport wallet. Leather work is my love, hobby and a way of being creative. I make many different items from promotional item to everyday items used by everyone.

So please look my products over and maybe there is something you would like for that person that has everything. A custom made product would be a one of a kind that you can't purchase anywhere. That is the one gift that no one else would have.

Thank you for your time,

Richard E. Johnson